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LCHS would like to thank our local leaders for their invaluable time and effort. This morning we were honored to have a meeting with State Representative David Gomberg, as well as Lincoln County Commissioner, Bill Hall. Both are well known for their energy and compassion for the homeless and mentally challenged community.

Over coffee at Starbuck’s on August 30th, we were able to discuss many elements about the homeless issues we face here in Lincoln City. Both leaders were enthusiastic about our ongoing efforts with the Warming Shelter, Lincoln City Homeless Solutions, and Beachtown Thrift Charities, as well as the Warm and Dry laundry voucher system that we have, thanks to Susan Nelson at Posh Wash in Lincoln City.

Members present along with Hall and Gomberg were Lynne Rudstrom (LCHS Board President), Richard Gartrell(Co-Founder), David Elton (LCHS board member), and local affordable housing owner, Donna Guarrera.