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Lincoln City Homeless Solutions, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, has been  created to establish outreach centers through which information and referral services for marginalized populations, such as the homeless, poor, low income, seniors, veterans and disenfranchised, may be guided to helpful services addressing their needs. In partnership with other agencies and groups, helping these diverse populations obtain the help and care they need is essential. Among our many goals are the following:

  • Open several resource centers within Lincoln City (3 sites pending confirmation).
  • Train volunteers how to use our comprehensive website (see site location above) of agency information for use when meeting individually with those at-risk populations.
  • Network with other agencies to identify gaps and overlaps in coverage to synergistically maximize function and funding through a city-wide consortium.
  • Provide direct services including food; storage for their belongings; vouchers for showers, laundry, clothing and transportation; and basic care for their companion animals.
  • And consistent with the above goal, explore and establish facilities that will serve marginalized populations in addition to the resource/outreach centers.

This is truly an abbreviated statement of our vision “to make a difference” in people’s lives. The enthusiasm of our Board of Directors is contagious and we trust you will be as excited as we are in helping people who need our care and attention. Below are some short profiles of those serving on the initial Board of Directors.


Lincoln City Homeless Solutions, Inc. Board of Directors

Office Name Background and Affiliations
President Lynne Rudstrom Executive Director for more than 20 years for Aging, Disability and Poverty programs; led program development for poverty programs for 25 years; Co-Operations Manager for the LCWS; created the Warm and Dry Program; and writes grants on behalf of the LCWS and Homeless Solutions
First Vice- President Tim Melton Lived in Lincoln City for 3 years, owner of 101 Coastal Creations in Taft, Board member of and volunteer with the LCWS,  homeless advocate, and previously homeless for several months
VP Media/ Marketing Sidney Green Co-Operations Manager for the LCWS, hands-on with the L.A. Mission, Housemother at Friendly House women’s drug and alcohol halfway house, marketing coordinator for several companies
Treasurer Charlotte Lehto Board member of and volunteer with the LCWS
Founder Richard Gartrell Director of the Warm and Dry Program; “Certified Association Executive,” with more than 25 years of CEO experience and a heart for the homeless; and former Organizing Volunteer Administrator of the LCWS
Founder Mark Nicholson Lincoln City Emergency Preparedness Coordinator; Board member with the LCWS
Member Camille Delk Extensive experience with the homeless and lease up and management of affordable housing. Former Executive Director for the shelter program for the state of Utah


LCWS = Lincoln City Warming Shelter, Inc. DBA Lincoln City Emergency Warming Shelter

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Lincoln City Homeless Solutions does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, color, familial status, disability, marital status, or source of income.